Quantulus Technology

Founded in 2010 Quantulus Technology is committed to designing and developing enabling tools for the nanotechnology market. Combined with its core products Quantulus also offer consultancy services and keen support for the open source community.

Proprietor of Quantulus Technology Ltd. Richard Woolley, PhD Driven by his interests and the prospect of riding the nanotechnology wave to make some money Richard undertook a PhD in nanoscience in 2001. This wasn’t to say his previous career in electronic warfare or blowing up tanks was uninteresting but it wasn’t going to be the ‘next big thing’. Toward the end of his PhD in 2004 Richard joined a new spin out from the Nottingham Nanoscience group, Nanograph Systems Ltd, a scanning probe microscope manufacturing and nanotechnology company. His role there as Technical Director taught him about the highs and lows of running a high tech start-up, since learning these valuable lessons he has gone on to develop his own niche scanning probe technology. Combining artificial intelligence with an instrument that can manipulate matter at the atomic scale defiantly has academic interest but the commercial aspects of the work are also very real, hence his formation of Quantulus Technology Ltd. Both these aspects have been recognised by Technology Innovation awards, various academic grants and recently in the 2012 HUMIES competition for the application of human competitive genetic programming. Of course all this is just enabling technology to create a quantum computer; one must have the right tools to mine the gold!